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Silsilah on CHIC Magz

One fine email come in one fine evening. It was from one fine woman magazine, CHIC, informed that my short story has been published on the mag. It was not the first time, but, even so, I sustained the same “norakness syndrome”. I was so happy, of course, but I was a bit disappointed at once. Since it has been published nearly five months ago, finding a copy was quite as difficult as finding jodoh.

Fortunately, I finally found it! Yeah, the magazine, I mean.

Silsilah on CHIC Magz Ed.168

Silsilah told about a weird tradition of Wiradjaja Family. The head of the family had a non-sense rule to every guy wanting to wed his daughters. The guys had to pass an exam created by the father based on “Papan Silsilah”. Then here come the conflict. Melani, the second daughter of Wiradjaja, got trouble with (what she called) “Papan Seribu Masalah” since she was a kid. At its climax, she’s in danger being an old virgin because of Papan Seribu Masalah.

The source of the inspiration is simple. “Papan Silsilah” is real, but the story is totally a fiction. One day, about two years ago, my father asked me to make an organogram of our family. He knew that I’ve made some posters or picture editing, so he assumed that I was capable in Adobe Photoshop-ing. Honestly, it wasn’t a very big deal to do what he asked. What irritated me the most is he asked at the faulty time. At that second, I was so bloated by exams, night shifts, and organisational thingy. Poor Papa. I couldn’t accede his request at that time. I believed he was a bit mopey because he thought that the organogram would be very important for him.

"Papan Silsilah"


I was wondering hard why he took the Papan Silsilah so seriously. Since I like to fantasize so much, I presumed so many matters. At first, I was about to make thriller or horror, but I realized that it’s out of my comfort zone. It’s not just because I couldn’t  build the suspense well , but also because I am a fainthearted. And then I ended up with, ahem, yes I have to confess, a cheesy metropop. (Psst, it’s a secret, but I personally think the ending is just too cliché). Well, however, I’m still learning to upgrade my writing. Hope it will be improved day by day.  😀


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