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That So Called Mood Booster

Spirit can come from anywhere! Well, in this case, spirit isn’t related to occult things. What I mean is enthusiasm, excitement, or sometimes we called it mood booster.

Yesterday, my junior in college tweeted something made my heart jolted. She said she was streaming YouTube when she found this video (as advertisement) and heard one familiar voice–my voice!

Here is are the video(s):



I felt so abashed that I found myself being there–standing and babbling. Well, just forget about it. The point is, every time I see these videos, I always remember that priceless moment, the unexpected journey: workshop with Dee presented by Sunsilk. It just lasted 3 months ago. At first, everything went very well after I attended that brilliant workshop. I was like getting an extra strength from Kryptonite (or Ponari’s stone, maybe. I didn’t really care about the sources).

I was so excited and couldn’t miss a day without leaving my fingerprints on the keyboard. I was so proud of myself. It’s not about the result, but the process. I really enjoyed my writing compliance, though the outputs were good or bad. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long. Lately I like to lose all that enthusiasm. I always blame the mood to cover my sloth in writing.

Then, these videos emerged and the memories were slapping me. It is like a great mood booster and reminder at once. There was a very nice statement from Dee that riveting me the most. I would like to write it in Bahasa. This is roughly what she said:

“Kita sering berkata ‘tidak menemukan ide’. Padahal bukan kita yang menemukan ide, tetapi ide yang menemukan kita. Bagaimana caranya supaya bisa ditemukan oleh ide? Jadilah orang yang disukai oleh ide!”

Well, I think I have to prink myself up again and again to be loved by the idea. Dear idea, please find me! 🙂


4 tanggapan untuk “That So Called Mood Booster

  1. incidentally, found in my timeline :D. the same feeling I had ever felt. i was vacuum on writing for 7 years, since SMA. its hard to start again, but when i first knew you. maybe at past.. coincindenly, you first person who i know, the medical student who busy with preoccupied with his science lectures, but still had time to write. its great. thats an inspiration for me.

    so.. you must go.. please dont stop.. keep writing.. make it real cin.
    semangat cin..
    dont make upset your fans .. hehe

    i’ll wait your book
    salam sesama nocturnal 🙂

      1. Ndak Hiperbolic ah, kan Inspirasi datang dari mana aja. :p

        ywdh gw komentarin videonya ae ya.. heu..
        gw kira ini nominasi gadis sunsilk, buat gantiin Titi Kamal.. Hahaha
        Eh Cin ko Bengkulu asli koh?

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