The Unexpected Journey: Workshop With Dee Presented By Sunsilk

27 Mei

It was all started with one random call in one hectic evening, when I was on the way to have a night shift. A woman, she said she was from Unilever, confirmed some details of my identity. At first, I didn’t expect anything until she said that I was elected as one of the winners of “Sunsilk Kuatnya Kelembutan Writing Competition”. W.O.W! And it didn’t stop there. As a winner, I could get a priceless prize. Departed from Lebong to Jakarta, with free transportation and accommodation, and got writing workshop with one of the Indonesia famous writers: Dewi Lestari. image About a month ago, I read about the writing competition held by Sunsilk. The participants should submit inspirational stories about “Kuatnya Kelembutan”. So I decided to join it as one of my killing (internship) time activity. It seemed that everything happened very fast. I just had one day to prepare everything. I thought it would be a very special moment because we–the 20 winners–also got hair & beauty treatment and special dinner. On May, 23rd I finally arrived in Jakarta after having a long and stressful 3,5 hour trip on my way to the Fatmawati Soekarno Airport. I didn’t only almost miss the plane, but also the precious moment. After arriving at the airport, we went to Anna Wijaya Salon in Grand Indonesia for hair & beauty treatment. Then, we should attend a special dinner in Hong Kong Cafe. The second day was the highlight of this event. The winners would have a great workshop with Dee at Artotel Thamrin. I was so extremely excited. And as I’d expected before, the workshop meant a lot to me. I was totally lost at word to describe my feeling. I was happy, of course. But above all, I felt so blessed. My story was elected from 1700 others, I could meet 17 talented girls from all corners of Indonesia, I got new friends and new experiences, and the most important thing was I could learn about writing straight from the expert. It was such an amazing experience and achievement of–If I’m allowed to say this–my writing career! Thank you! 🙂


*The documentation of this event can be viewed at here and here


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